Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spanish Night

The Balanghai Cultural Committee held its Spanish Night last March 11, Saturday. After Benediction, the girls gathered around the living room to watch a short clip on Spain. It revolved around different facts about the country and, of course, churros. They then made their way to the kitchen to begin the main event of the night, which was a churros tutorial led by Svet Cabral. After a brief introduction of herself, she proceeded to enumerate the ingredients that were laying on the table: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, oil. Finally, the fun part began. She demonstrated the few steps needed in the preparation of churros while the girls watched and listened attentively. Every so often she would ask for a volunteer to do a step and many were eager to help out. Amidst laughter and excitement, they were able to make two batches of churros were shared around.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Retreat Schedule 2016

Heads up! Here are the retreat schedules for 2016.
You may contact Cathy Zamora or Joy Beljera for inquiries or to reserve a slot.

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Rural Service Project 2016: Gerona, Tarlac

Don't have any plans yet after summer class or internship? Don't worry we got you covered! Start marking your calendars because a Rural Service Project (RSP) is coming your way this May. If you love adventure and learning then this is a must experience! 

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May Recollection

How about making time for a spiritual adventure this summer?
Join us for a Marian recollection this coming Saturday at 2:45-5:20.

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June 10-12 Retreat

Calling female University students! You are invited to attend a retreat this June 10-12 in Wellington.
For inquiries and reservations, contact Cathy (0908 816 4692) or Joy (0932 608 3942) before May 22.

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